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Welcome to FFXI Private Servers!

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 9:05 am
by admin
There isn't a truly independent home for news and discussion about FFXI private servers on the web.

Almost all of the population social media platforms that have a dedicated place to discuss them appear to be controlled and curated. This leads to narratives and discussions that are controlled by mostly biased parties, something not in the favor of the players.

This new community site aims to provide an unbiased and largely uncensored home for the playerbase. Here you can post quasi-anonymously with no fear of retribution to yourself or your characters. Your posts can live and die by their own merit, provided you don't break any laws dictated by the country this site is hosted in. Extreme forms of harassment and unrelated spam may be curated by the moderation team here, but the aim will to be largely hands off.